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How airbrush tanning helps me with my vitiligo

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My client actress Amanda Gari in Hollywood California explains how airbrush tanning helps her with her vitiligo.

“I first noticed the Vitiligo as a whitening around my eye sockets and a tiny white dot on my knuckle. I had no idea the horror that it would eventually do to my looks, my self esteem and my career.

As it gradually took over my body, I could no longer go to the beach, as I could not bear the stares of strangers and additionally, could not risk further exposure to the sun, as it would make the lines of demarcation even worse, in addition to dangerously exposing parts of my skin that no longer had any melanin.

As an actress, I had to be prepared to put on full body makeup in an instant, if I had a last minute call for an audition. (It was either this, or wear long sleeves – which often didn’t make sense when it was close to 100 degrees out!) and when it was this hot, traditional makeup (even those labeled as waterproof) would melt and smear on me – or worse, on other people and their clothing!
When I discovered air-brush tanning, I found that the tan could cover the whitened areas and make my skin look nearly flawless once again. Doing this on a regular basis enabled me to go on auditions carefree, even in a bathing suit. I still recommend staying out of the sun, and always using sunblock, but air-brush tanning allowed me to look and feel “normal” again. Here are pictures of how I looked after Amanda Brathwaite spray tanned me”


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