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What is Para-medical make-up?

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What is Para-medical makeup?

There are a lot of individuals with skin conditions that can benefit from the application and use of medical makeup. It is utilized for cosmetic cover-ups on both the body and facial regions where affected areas can impact a person’s overall well-being. The conditions vary from trauma, illnesses, surgeries, skin disorders, scarring, and so on. What follows is an explanation of the product and techniques utilized.

Skin Blemish cover-ups, (camouflage)

The medium used to camouflage skin blemishes is a cosmetic cream. This cream is fully waterproof and is applicable for use on a wide spectrum of skin disorders and conditions. The product is made for daily use. This translates into when it is worn an individual can swim, shower, and participate in any sporting activity they wish without fear of the makeup running or smudging. The camouflage cream is designed to last for up to twelve hours and as long as five or as few as two days once it is applied.

Defining facial contours
This skill set is for reconfiguring the appearance of the facial region when the definition of the overall contour has been blurred. This may stem from scar tissue, or surgery. The areas normally in question are the nose, cheekbones, the lips, and the eyelids. In the scenario where the contemplation of tattooing for medical purposes exists, the technicians at Solmist can demonstrate how it may look before the permanent solution is performed.

Enhancing the eyebrows
Amanda provides this service to both genders because the outcome can resemble both a natural look or anywhere from a subtle change that only the individual will see, or a more distinct eyebrow appearance.

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Remember that when a patient or client sees how easily the makeup is applied and the correct colour match has been found. The outcome is the feeling is, as if, the makeup is not there. This aspect provides a clearer picture of a person’s self-esteem and confidence. If you are interested in a personal consultation with Amanda, feel free to contact her through this email; amanda@Solmist.ca or call (613) 608-8300.
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