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Para-medical make-up can conceal or redefine areas of the face and body which have been adversely affected by a range of factors including: skin conditions or disorders, surgery, chemotherapy or other medical therapies, trauma, ageing, illness, bruising, scarring and tattoos. Para-medical make-up techniques include: Skin Camouflage Skin Camouflage is a special waterproof cosmetic cream used to conceal a wide range of skin conditions and disorders. Our products are completely safe to use and can be worn every day. It is easy to apply and because it is waterproof you can shower, swim or play sports and it will not run or smudge. Skin Camouflage lasts up to 12 hrs on the face and 2-5 days on the body. Contouring This technique is used to define areas of your face and body that have become undefined due to surgery. Amanda can define cheekbones, nose, eyelids and lips. This will be extremely useful if you are contemplating medical tattooing on your lips as Amanda will be able to show you how you will look, without it being permanent. Eyebrow Enhancement Available for men and women and can appear either completely natural and subtle, or if you prefer a more pronounced look for eyebrows this can also be achieved.

con1Becker’s Nevus



con4Cafe au Lait

con5Connective Tissue Nevi

con6Contact Dermatitis


con8Epidermal Nevus








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Clients and patients find that once they have been shown how to apply medical makeup, and the correct colour has been found, the results are that you don’t look or feel, like you have anything on your skin – leaving you free to live your life with renewed confidence and self-esteem. Contact us today at (613) 608-8300 or email amanda@solmist.ca for a personal and confidential appointment.
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