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Understanding medical makeup

The Ottawa professional, Amanda Braithwaite is a skin camouflage and make-up technician who specializes in paramedical skin covering. Her extensive experience with both genders provides more than enough knowledge and background to handle any skin appearance issue or requirement.

Specialized skin colour matching

This verifiably adaptive method keeps its focus on the natural look of an individual’s complexion, and ensures that the best features of the individual are prominent through the wide spectrum of applied techniques. Since Amanda entered into the paramedical skin camouflage and makeup profession, as a technician in the field, she has helped many people, (men and women), that have various skin conditions where her expertise is highly relevant.


The field of medical makeup artistry is designed to help individuals that have a debilitating skin conditions, such as acne scarring, vitiligo, stretch marks, scars, rosacia, sun spots, thread veins, melasma, hyperpigmentation, tattoo cover ups, or have undergone a tummy tuck. The most convenient property of the makeup is that it is fully waterproof and is can last as long as three days for the body or twelve hours on the face, and it is smudge proof.

Clients and patients find that once they have been shown how to apply medical makeup, and the correct colour has been found, the results are that you don’t look or feel, like you have anything on your skin – leaving you free to live your life with renewed confidence and self-esteem.


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Once a patient or client discovers how easily the makeup is applied and the right colour match has been found. The outcome is the feeling is, as if, the makeup is not there. This aspect provides a clearer picture of a person’s self-esteem and confidence. If you wish to find out more information about Amanda’s work feel free to contact her through this email; amanda@Solmist.ca or call (613) 608-8300.
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