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The Spray Tanning Process

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Before Your Tan.
Preparation is key to getting flawless results!

Exfoliating is crucial in extending the life of your spray tan. DHA affects only the dead skin cells and our skin typically has a build-up of dead skin cells. The thicker the layer, the quicker it will rub off. Exfoliating makes the top layer thinner, which takes longer for it to build back up and flake off, thus allowing your tan to last longer. Exfoliating gloves with body scrubs tend to work best for exfoliation.
Shaving & Waxing should be done after exfoliating and hours before a spray tan. For best results do it all the night before your appointment. Don’t use oils and make sure there is no remaining wax residue left on the skin.

Clean, dried skin will allow the spray tan solution to cling to the skin better. Deodorants and lotions can act as barriers and block the solution. Clean, fresh skin is best, but facial moisturizers, especially those with SPF, and makeup can act as a barrier and block the solution from the face. If you have your makeup done and don’t want to remove it, the solution can be sprayed right over top of it, but this is not recommended if there is moisturizer as well. Makeup and deodorant can carefully be applied after a spray tan. Brush on a light powder if needed, do not wipe on foundation. Never spray your perfume on your skin, always spray it on your clothes!

During Your Tan.
The spray tan process is quick and easy!

One of SOLMIST trained sunless tanning experts will arrive at your location and help you decide the best place to setup. Our pop-up tents are slender and work best on a hard surface in a room with good lighting. Most clients opt to do it in a bathroom, kitchen, garage or even in the backyard with privacy on a day when it’s not too hot and not too cold.

Ladies can choose to wear whatever they are comfortable in. Some like tan lines and some don’t. For men we require that you wear undergarments of some sort. Remove all jewelry to avoid unsightly tan lines. Your sunless tanning expert will guide you through the entire process, which will take less than 10 minutes! After a few different positions and turns, you will be ready to dry.

For quick and even drying refrain from putting clothes back on right away and stand in front of a fan. Your sunless tanning expert has an air option on their machine, so they can aide in the drying process as well. After you are finished, stay cool and avoid getting dressed as long as you can.

If you need to put on shoes wear flip-flops after your spray tan to prevent socks and tight shoes from rubbing the solution off. Wear black or dark colors if and when you need to get dressed as well. If you are going to sleep with a fresh spray tan on, make sure you have darker sheets put down. The solution is water-soluble and will wash out of most fabrics, but white clothes and sheets after a fresh spray can be a bad combination.

After Your Tan.
Clients, who take exceptional care of their skin, have longer lasting results!

DHA continues to develop and darken the top layer of skin for hours after you get sprayed. We recommend leaving the solution on your skin for at least 6 hours, the longer the better. For best results leave the bronzer solution on your skin overnight. Your first shower should be a light, warm one. You are simply rinsing the cosmetic bronzer off the surface of your skin. Avoid long, hot baths. Most water dries out your skin so avoid soaking in it if you can. Don’t exfoliate until right before your next spray tan. Avoid bar soaps, as these have higher pH levels. This will cause your skin to dry and possibly crack.

The best way to remove an old spray tan before getting a new one. Moisturize liberally after showers. Lowering the pH level of your skin after water exposure is very important to the health of your skin and assists in pro-longing the life of a spray tan. Use tan extending moisturizers that have trace amounts of DHA when you have a spray tan. Be careful not to use moisturizers with too much alcohol or fragrance or too much DHA. This could make your skin dry and orange.

Keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water daily. Add lemon to help balance the pH levels. This is very important in order to prevent dry, cracked skin. Healthy skin means a healthy tan. Also, don’t forget to take your vitamins. Vitamins C, E, A, K & B complex all contribute to healthier skin.

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